The Effect of Taking Schisandra as Part of Aerobic Exercise in Improving Vo2max and Hemoglobin in Blood in Long-Distance Swimmers

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Dr. Hussein Mnaty Sachit, Radhwan Qasim Abdulameer


            The purpose of this paper isto identifyingthe effect of taking Schisandra in aerobic exercise on Vo2max and hemoglobin of long-distance swimmers.The researcher used: the experimental method in the style of equal groups (first and second experimental) in solving the research problem.As for the research community: it is represented by the national team swimmers, who are (11) swimmers. The researcher determined the number of weekly training units as three training units on days (Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday). With a total of (24) training units, with a number of repetitions (1-5) times and a rest period (45 seconds-180 seconds) between the groups, where the time of the exercises in one training unit was (50-65) minutes, and the intensity used ranged between (60-80) %), and the exercises prepared by the researcher (aerobic exercises) were applied to the members of the research sample, which numbered (11) swimmers for the period from (24/4/2021 to 20/6/2022) and for a period of two months, with three training units per week, and the researcher concluded Taking Schizandra as part of aerobic exercise had a positive effect in improving Vo2max and hemoglobin in long-distance swimmers.

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