A Computational Approach in Identifying Interaction of Chitosan Sodium Benzoate Hydrocolloid with Upper Gastrointestinal Protein Targets

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Rajesh Kannan, Revathi Kasturi, Anandhi Dhanavel


The utility of functional hydrocolloids have envisaged new formulations and combination of biopolymers and their functionalization in nutraceutical industry. The study have examined chitosan sodium benzoate complex based hydrocolloid interacts with GI proteins. The interaction of polymers have been analysed with a Insilco approach where itaids inĀ  exploring the polymeric composites interact with gastric juice proteins and intestinal wall proteins. The interaction was found in the proteins like Taste receptor type 1 member 3, Adenylate cyclase type 1, Anion exchange transporter showed best docking scores against each ligand compound like chitosan, sodium benzoate and chitosan sodium benzoate composite. The overall interaction of these composites and gastric proteins could render new information for polymer protein interaction specifically to hydrocolloids that could be used for pharma and healthcare industry.

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