The Intervention of Technology in Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

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Dr. Megha Chauhan


Background: This piece of research tries to explore the convergence of Technology, Human Trafficking, and Sexual Exploitation. Trafficking of humans can be defined as the illegal physical movement of a human being for commercialization. It isn’t a crime of the new generation; rather, this problem has existed in the system for quite a long time, though it alters the facets multiple times. It has multiple dimensions ranging from the simple human trafficking of a human being to drug-induced human trafficking, sexual exploitation, organ trafficking, etc. Technology-facilitated sexual exploitation is a term used to describe a variety of behaviors in which digital tools are used to facilitate both virtual and in-person sexual harm, which in turn can have multiple physical and psychological impacts on the victim.

Objectives: The primary objective of this study is to identify the role played by technology in human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Methods: The positivism approach has been opted for, and qualitative data analysis is done. Primary and secondary are used to get to the conclusion of the research topic. For the secondary data source, themes are made for finding the mark as themes make the data more accessible.

Results:  It can be said that traffickers often tend to target poor individuals by offering false occasions for improvement of their present situation. The sexual exploitation of children is increasing rapidly due to the frequent availability of social media. It is summarized from the analysis that vulnerabilities are created due to the prevalence of poverty, lack of experience with surroundings, unemployment among individuals, broken families, and cultural practices. It is also evident that identification of human trafficking is rare as the victims are in very poor condition to report or complain or take steps against the crime.

Conclusions: The study demonstrates how crucial the role technology plays in the growth of traffickers' industries. It can be said that the user-friendly programs available now enable even the uneducated to use them easily. The advancement of technology makes it easier for traffickers to follow the victims' movements. It is helpful in quickly disseminating inaccurate information about the victim, endangering both their life and the lives of others. This leads to the conclusion that victims who have been sexually exploited on social media platforms frequently turn to suicide as a remedy.

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