Analyzing the Hypothesis of Financial Dominance and Its Monetary Effects in the Iraqi Economy Duration (2004-2021)

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Dr. Fadhil Abbas Kadhim, Rehab Ibrahim Hussein


That nature rentier for the economy Iraqi, And from During production oil and revenue oil, made a show criticism and grow it connected automatically in the center financial for the government and its policies spending . as such led that because be Politics cash keep up financial domination expansive, And the Aim to this search to me analysis hypothesis domination Finance Oil and its monetary impact on the economy Iraq Such as modified Growth in GDP and oil exports revenue and trade balance , and adopted search on me data annual and quarterly for the duration temporal extended From 2004 to _ 2021 with a goal statement hypothesis domination Finance and its effect in some Variables cash From During reading Quantity and analytical some variable cash and fix Type Relationship and its extent . and using methods modern  in Analysis  in study Relationship between Variables Economic Shop.

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