Remote Students Lived Experiences in Distance Learning

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Domric M Panunciar, Cherrymae M. Poculan, Angeline M. Pogoy


In the pursuit of continuing education at all levels, the Philippine Educational System adapted the distance learning modality causing students to be acclimated to the sudden change in the pedagogy. This descriptive phenomenological study aims to describe the lived experiences of the remote students on the sudden shift of modality from face-to-face classes to distance learning education. The data gathered through a semi-structured in-depth interview with thirteen (13) purposively selected respondents were analyzed using inductive content and thematic analysis. The study revealed five themes on the remote students' distance learning experiences: (1) Learner's Metamorphosis; (2) Learning Environment and Connectivity; (3) Social Support System; (4) Learners' Available Resources; and (5) Mental Health. The lived experiences of remote students in distance learning education were rough. However, their positive outlook in life and goals serve as the driving force to overcome the abrupt change. Having participated in the learning process in an unfavorable, unconducive, and unsafe learning environment with no/unstable internet connection and inappropriate/no technological devices at home, but with the support from their families, peers, school, and teachers, they have overcome these arduous challenges. Thus, the researcher recommends that the school should review and improve its learning continuity plan in addressing the educational needs of students living in remote areas; Teachers should conduct their own students profiling and analysis to identify students who need more compassion and consideration to avoid traumatization and unnecessary pressure and; teachers should show more sympathy for the situation of remote students in distance learning education.

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