A Study on “Does Edupreneurs Rely on the Kind of Strategy to Outperform in Their Performance in Assam?”

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Devangana Saikia, Dr. Joyjit Sanyal


BACKGROUND: Educational domain has become attractive for entrepreneurs. Due to the change in technology, education offers new opportunities related to autonomy, decentralization and customization. New forms of education such as virtual educational institutions, online courses or distance learning encourage development of a new category of entrepreneurs interested to invest in educational domain in the same way as they would initiate businesses in other domains more market oriented. To convert the educational institution into a profitable venture, edupreneurs take up different kind of strategies. Miles and Snow’s typology has identifies four archetypes: Prospectors, Analyzers, Defenders, and Reactors.

OBJECTIVE: In the present study the researcher has tried to find the relationship between the type of strategy and Institutional performance of the private junior colleges in Assam.

METHODS: In the study, the researcher has selected 20 “best” private junior colleges recognized by government for the purpose of the study. The study is carried out in Assam, considering the 20 best junior colleges. A questionnaire is made to solicit the necessary information. Further the data is analyzed in SPSS. The Researcher had developed a five point likert scale for rating the answers to the questions. Further the researcher has deeply analyzed the responses and a meaningful conclusion is drawn from the study.

RESULT AND CONCLUSION: Education Institutions are kind of organization which differ from the other business organization in terms of strategy implementation. An educational institution cannot be grouped into a kind of organanisation which get influenced by the kind of strategy used by them to enhance their institutional performance.

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