An impact of Surface Ignition on Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristic of Mahua oil in LHR engine

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C. Thamotharan, P. Balu


Rising fuel demand in a variety of applications now poses a substantial threat to world emissions levels. Mahua oil is a biodiesel made from Mahua oil, which is a possible non-edible oil source in India and a potential diesel fuel substitute. Mahua oil is a fuel made out of fatty acid alkyl esters that is environmentally benign. The goal of this experiment was to investigate Low Heat Rejection with Delayed Injection Timing in a Mahua oil-powered diesel engine. The engine's piston, cylinder walls, and valves were coated with 0.5 mm of Partial Stabilized Zirconium (PSZ) material without compromising the engine's compression ratio. Experiments were carried out in the engine with and without coating, using diesel and Mahua oil. When comparing the Mahua oil with retarded timing coated engine to the conventional engine with plain diesel fuel, the results showed that specific fuel consumption was reduced by 7.4% and brake thermal efficiency was raised by 5.6 percent. The CO and UBHC emissions from the LHR engine are lower. The zirconia coating increased NOx emission. The combustion research revealed that the engine tested was superior to that of a normal diesel engine.

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