A Study of Consciousness among Adolescence about Digital India Initiative

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Seema Shukla, Dr. N. K. Shrivastava


Digitalization, which is a requirement of today's people, is the result of technological progress all over the world. Each nation is aspiring to accomplish digitalization to make a powerful society in a superior technique. The Digital India program is started by the government of India to convert India into a digitally given power with an information financial system Enthusiasm of the Government of internet program, Digital India supports infrastructure and provides actions to India came in the form of an idea project to make India digital. Digital India aims at reaching the unreached through broadband highway, worldwide right to use mobile connectivity, the community ensures citizens digital services, manufacturing products, and employment opportunities to allow thus creating a knowledge economy that promotes comprehensive development. The plan to modernize India digitally would be especially hard except there is consciousness among the people. This research paper strives to examine the consciousness among adolescence as regards Digital India.

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