Evaluation of Medical and Dental Professionals’ Expertise in Digital Forensics-A Survey

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Aswani E, Dr. Abirami Arthanari, Dr. Pratibha Ramani


BACKGROUND: Digital forensics is a vital part of almost every criminal investigation given the amount of information available and the opportunities offered by electronic data to investigate and evidence a crime. In order to practice digital forensic and effectively in different disciplines of specialists , it is essential to have a good knowledge. The aim of the study was to assess the awareness, knowledge and practice about digital forensics among doctors.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: A cross sectional questionnaire survey was conducted among doctors. In this study, 150 participants were evaluated. The questionnaire consists of 21 questions which mainly focus on knowledge, awareness about digital forensics among doctors. The obtained data was entered and analyzed statistically with SPSS statistical software 20.0.

RESULT: 72% of respondents did not have digital forensic related software in curriculum. About 86% and 63.3% of the students were aware about the different types of process and cases where digital forensics is used in dentistry. In comparison among study participants, BDS and medical students showed less knowledge and awareness.72.7% did not get proper digital forensics training Most of the MDS (68.67%)and BDS (14%) students think that better scope for digital forensics.

CONCLUSION: Results of this survey clearly stipulated that dental and medical students have moderate knowledge and awareness of digital forensics and its implementation in forensics investigations but are interested in using software in digital forensics. Furthermore, accomplishment of digital forensics in undergraduate curriculum might provide better gain in  knowledge and practice at early stage

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