Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tools: Develop Business Communication Skills

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Ms. Vadapalli Lakshmi, Dr. Mutyala Suresh


English is considered as one of the major international business languages. Various technologies have come up to improve the language learning process in this area. The entire academic world and the business world are positively approaching the technological interference in business communication skills. The new normal situation is providing many opportunities to learn the language, especially English for non-native speakers, through one of the immersive platform, which is Virtual Reality. In order to remain competitive in business world, striving individuals need to improvise fluency and competency. Learners, in this scenario, can benefit from considering business specific English. The paper analyzes how Virtual reality (VR) enables the learners practice business related scenarios through practical approach. It also deals with such situations where the learners can take full advantage of their career potential. A survey conducted using mixed methodology proves how the virtual reality tools are applicable to improve communication skills in English. It explains how various apps related to VR can create the interest and enthusiasm in learners’ mind and various tools used for enhancing Business English.

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