Consumer Behavior in Hotels: The Influence of Cultural & Social Factors-An Explorative Study

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Saxena


Understanding consumer behavior by the marketer is an invaluable tool for the marketer to devise a future buying pattern for their product and services and to maintain a good long-term customer relationship. But if the consumer desire is not understood it will create a big problem for the marketer. Therefore, an attempt was made to understand factors influencing consumer behavior while booking a hotel for their stay. After the review of the existing literature and a discussion of the research design & approach adopted, the findings from over 134 respondents were considered for the data analysis which was collected through a questionnaire that was distributed through an open-ended Google form to gather relevant data information were examined based on the Likert scale ratings given to each question, and then the aggregate of the ratings for all questions in a group was analyzed in IBM SPSS-21 software to know the various approaches to consumer behavior based on age, gender, income, and employment background. This study will prove invaluable in developing and implementing the marketing strategy for the hotels.

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