Spatial and Statistical Analysis of the Thermal Insulators Industry in Baghdad Governorate

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Yassir Talib Obeid Al-Temimi, Dr. Intissar Hassoon Ridha Al-Salami


Thermal insulators industry is one of the basic and vital chemical industries, because of its large and important role in the national economy and its enhancement of national income, as well as its importance in attracting large numbers of manpower, and its importance to other industries, as the products of this industry work to cover roofs and encapsulate buildings from the inside. And abroad and the protection of household appliances such as freezers, refrigerators and heaters, as well as the protection of pipes, as the importance of this industry lies, especially in the study area (Baghdad governorate) for the availability of most of its components, as Baghdad governorate constitutes an important geographical location in the center of Iraq. And the development of the thermal insulators industry, which created opportunities that help the emergence of spatial connections that can be invested in developing and developing future national trends for the thermal insulators industry. Because of this importance mentioned for the manufacture of insulators, we will address in this research several axes.

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