A Comparative Study on Changes in Media Consumption among Millennials and GENX Generations with Reference to Public Service Broadcasting in India

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Prakasan. P, Dr. T. Nirmala


Public service broadcasting has played an essential role in the dissemination of news and information in various countries for decades. Public service broadcasting (PSB) is currently faced with a number of difficulties, including the requirement to establish its legitimacy in an increasingly digital media landscape. The aim of this study is to find what public perceptions of PSB are in the digital age, as well as how they view PSB's function in contrast to other digital media offerings. A standardized questionnaire was used to conduct an online survey. The findings shows that respondents attribute a clear role to PSB and distinguish it from other media offerings in the increasingly digital media environment. Respondents are more likely to value social media platforms for entertainment purposes than PSB.

This study provides an overview of the growing research literature on the impact of millennials' changing media consumption in the digital era on Doordarshan, India's public service broadcaster, and its implications for the future of Doordarshan. The study will also look at the impact of various media platforms on millennials. This proposed research looks into how Doordarshan, deals with the problem of reflecting an avalanche of user-generated content created on social media by a large younger audience. In this study, key factors for attracting, managing, and retaining young audiences, particularly millennials, will be examined. Researchers and operators in related fields should be able to use the findings of this study to identify various factors that explain Millennials' media consumption.


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