Value of Love in Nicholas Charles Sparks’s A Walk to Remember

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Dr. K. Muthuraman, L. Divya Bharathi


Nicholas Sparks is an American novelist, whose creations are inspired by his own life. People cannot live without love. People may even die if there is no love in their life. This need of love is not limited only between man and woman, but also between people and God. People need love to build their strength, to make life more meaningful, and even to survive.  Love is capable of changing man’s life. Love gives enormous strength to man to encounter even the worst in his life with courage and faith.  Nicholas Sparks’s novel A Walk to Remember brings to light this value of love. In the novel, to Landon Carter, described as a naughty boy, the feeling of a real and pure love is a weird thing. He has never imagined before that it will happen to him, and also that it will change his life forever, but he falls in love with Jamie Sullivan, and his love for her changes him utterly.

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