A Review on Utility of Herbal Polymers in Pharmaceutical Formulation

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Arun Kumar Maurya, Dr. Kalpana, Manish Kumar


The word "polymer," or "macromolecule," comes from the Greek words poly, which means "many," and meres, which means "parts." The polymer molecule has a high molecular weight (between 10 000 and 1000 000 g/mol) and is made up of many structural units that are usually bonded by covalent bonds.[1]

Polymers are made by combining monomers in a chemical reaction. Monomers can create polymer chains by reacting with another molecule of the same kind or another type under the right conditions. Natural polymers have resulted from this process in nature, but synthetic polymers are man-made.[2]

The synthesis, mechanical behavior, processing characteristics, and morphology of polymers are all used to classify them. Natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic polymers have all made major contributions to the enhancement of human health in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

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