Surgical management of periapical lesion using bone graft: two case reports.

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Suresh Mitthra, Ramu Shobhana, Kotishwaran Gayathri, Venkatachalam Prakash, Balachandran Janani, Arunajatesan Subbiya


The local response of bone at the apex of the tooth that develops in response to pulpal necrosis or significant periodontal disease is known as periapical inflammatory lesion. Depending on the form of the lesion, the availability of progenitor cells, signaling molecules, and micro-environmental cues, the eventual outcome of wound healing after endodontic surgery could be repair or regeneration. Surgical treatment is generally undertaken in persistent periapical lesions that do not heal even after the completion of endodontic treatment, this was adopted in the following two case reports. The extensive periapical lesion with a large bony defect was managed with tissue curettage and a regenerative technique using bone graft. At the 6-month follow-up, both clinical and radiographic examinations confirmed excellent recovery in both the cases. To summarize, using a bone transplant during endodontic surgery to treat periapical lesions with bony defects is an effective treatment method for speeding up bone repair.

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