Awareness of Human Rights in India: A survey in the Nagaon Districtof Assam

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Pranjal Hazarika, Prof. Jyotiraj Pathak


Human Rights are very much essential for maintaining human dignity and to live a life with basic liberties. Howeverthere are many challenges towards it. UNO and constitutions of various democratic states are trying to protect and promote the human rights for their citizens. But in India we have seen that in spite of all constitutional and legal mechanisms, Human Rights are grossly violated, specially in the part of North East .The hypothetical assumption of the study is thatĀ  the people here are not aware about the concept of Human Rights in spite of academic efforts in that direction. The field study survey shows how far the common people in India are unaware about the basicperceptions of human rights, how it can affect the Human Rights perspective in India.So thispaperĀ  is basically an analytical study based on the field survey data .

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