A Study on awareness and attitudes towards Crypto currency among college students

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Mrs.S.Vetrichelvi, Dr A R Shanmuga Priya


Adoption on any new technology is basically influenced by awareness and attitude. Awareness is the basic element to make people use the technology. Attitude is a secondary element to increase the use of technology by people. It is always the students and youngsters who easily adopt technology and this study is conducted with college students studying various courses like engineering, medicine, science, arts and humanities. The objectives of the study were to verify the influence of attitude on adoption of cryptocurrency, the influence of awareness on adoption of cryptocurrency and the influence of awareness on attitude towards cryptocurrency. The hypotheses were framed according to the objectives of the study and all the hypotheses were accepted on the basis of p values using PLS SEM. The results of this research study concludes that awareness level on cryptocurrency is high but attitude towards adopting cryptocurrency is low due to various factors like volatility, regulation and so on. People’s perception on using cryptocurrency as an exchange medium will change if properly regulated by the regulatory bodies and also the common people has to be educated on the same.

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