Evolution of Entrepreneur Through Entrepreneurship Curricula in Education Institutions

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Entrepreneurial competencies are seen as important to business growth and success. The strong influence of entrepreneurial competencies on business performance is recognized, despite some doubts about the teachability of these competencies, a fundamental question has remained unanswered: what are the key entrepreneurial competencies that need to be developed in an entrepreneurship curriculum and how are these competencies interrelated? The current study used questionnaire with a group of successful educational entrepreneurs to identify, clarify, rank order and build a consensus model describing the interdependencies between entrepreneurial competencies. Results indicated that positivity and competitiveness are fundamental drivers of all other competencies in the consensus model. At the same time, determination and inquisitiveness were the most highly ranked competencies. Results are discussed in light of the ongoing challenges of defining the optimal scope and sequence of training in entrepreneurial curricula. This article fulfils an identified need to study specific entrepreneurial competencies that are to be promoted in Institutions students.

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