Telecom Industry Current Trends in India

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Dr. Vellayan Srinivasan, Dr. Suresh Kumar. K, Dr. Sasikala.R


Background:At present, Internet and Mobile broadband are essential in daily life in all nations. Tremendousdevelopment of telecom industries raised impacts on emerging data-intensive technologies such as Cloudcomputing, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Big data and the Internet.Telecommunication industriesclassifiedintofewmajortypeslikeInfrastructure,Equipment,MobileVirtualNetworkOperators(MNVO),WhiteSpaceSpectrum,5G,TelephoneserviceprovidersandBroadband.Globalcompetitiveness in telecommunication leads to increasing network coverage and decreasing tariff rates tosustain market. In this study focus on telecom industry current trend in India. India is the world's second-largest telecommunications market. Indian telecom market has three major categories. They are wireless,wire line and internet services. Secondly, Current market scenario of telecom industry and its sub sectors,global market conditions of telecommunication service. Thirdly, concentrated India’s leading mobileoperatorsJio,Airtel,BSNL,andVodafone-Idea,Technologytransformationintelecommarket,employment and investment development in Telecom sector. Finally, Government of India has takennecessarystepstodevelopTelecomindustry.SWOTanalysisofIndianTelecom Industry.

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