A Study of Public awareness of hospitals atavadi circle, Tamilnadu

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Dr. Vellayan Srinivasan, Mr. Pandi Murugan. K. B, Dr. Yashoda. P


Background:The Indian healthcare industry is one of the biggest and fastest developing sectors of world. Healthcare can form a huge part of nation's economy by consuming over 10% of GDP of various developed countries. Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry was addressed to add manpower over the last few years; this was the time when mostly players were busy in restructuring their operations and optimizing their costs. Overallhospitalposttreatmentalsoaverage and 50%oftherespondents’onlyinterestedtotheoffer. Withinthe3monthsoftime(87%)morepeoplegoingfortreatment. MostofthepeoplechoosinghospitalbecauseofServicesandnominalcharge but People giving more weightage for specialist or experienced Doctors, acceptance ofinsurance,preventingcommunicablediseases,Properdiagnosisofproblemandreducedwaiting time.

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