Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management

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C. Sandhya, Dr. R. Balaji


The fourth business revolution known as Industry 4.0 is said to increase the opportunities and enterprise capacity with using digitization aids. The digitization of the construction enterprise is becoming very crucial as approaches, pleasant and efficiency is being targeted on a lot greater. Within the development industry, knowledge management (KM) is a key a part of learning from beyond mistakes on preceding projects. As a part of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that would offer a ability to the construction industry through gathering know-how from previous tasks to determine destiny venture consequences. Therefore, this research focusses on AI and its abilities to enhance KM for the construction enterprise within the India. Methodology is then defined, observed by way of findings. Thereafter the consequences are discussed together with the conclusions. This paper contributes to the development industry wherein it offers the possible uses of AI within the enterprise to create better practices and useful resource commercial enterprise and academia studies research.

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