Experimental Approach of the Behavior of a Multiphase High Gain dc-dc Converter on a Photovoltaic System operating under Variable Irradiation

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Lakshmi S, S. Senthilkumar


Background:The performance of a modified multiphase ultra-high gain converter for a solar PV system under variable irradiation conditions is investigated in this paper. The resultant voltage of the intended converter is extremely high, less power loss and low voltage stress. Low stress across the switches makes use of utilization of low rated components which makes the converter cost efficient and reliable. This paper mainly focuses on developing the geometrical model of a PV system using one diode model that depicts the real time PV array with various level of exposure to sunlight. The results of matlab simulation are compared with real time hardware results and validated.  The study mainly helps in interpreting the results of any converter with variable insolation and under real time operating conditions.

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