The Meaning of Sutri Witala Dance for the Resilience of Bali Ethnic Performance Arts

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Ida Ayu Wimba Ruspawati,


The performing arts of dance continue to be developed in line with the dynamics of Balinese life. One of the new creations of the guardian dance art is the Sutri Witala dance. The problems: 1) what is the form of the Sutri Witala dance?; 2) What is the meaning contained in this sacred dance?. The research data was collected using qualitative methods through document studies, participant observation by attending the Sutri Witala performance and in-depth interviews with actors and observers of dance performances in Bali. The data that has been collected was analyzed using the theory of aesthetics and symbol theory. The results show that : 1) the Sutri Witala dance is a new creation dance created by Ida Ayu Wimba Ruspawati, which was inspired by the simple, graceful, and religiously nuanced rarejangan dance movement. This sacred dance to accompany the dewa yadnya ceremony is performed with a sense of wisdom, full of devotion to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi. The Sutri Witala dance is danced by 6–12 female dancers, accompanied by gamelan gong kebyar with a movement structure: pepeson, pengawak, and pengecet. 2) Sutri Witala dance contains aesthetic meanings, religious meanings, and social meanings, namely establishing togetherness and social solidarity among members of the religious life as dharma as Hindus who are members of it, as well as the meaning of strengthening, sustainability, preservation, and cultural resilience, especially in Balinese performing arts. 

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