Cloud-based data storage and sharing with dual access Control

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Dr. D. Bujji Babu, Mr. K. Jaya Krishna, Miss. Abburi Jaya Sree, Miss. Bikkam Venkata Prasanti , Miss. Deevi Srivalli, Miss. Kurnool Sahithi


Due to its effective and affordable administration, cloud-based data storage has recently attracted growing attention from academia and business. Since services are delivered via an open network, it is critical for service providers to adopt secure data storage and sharing mechanisms to protect user privacy and the confidentiality of data. The most popular technique for preventing the compromise of sensitive data is encryption. The actual necessity for data management, however, cannot be completely met by just encrypting data (for instance, using AES). Additionally, a strong access control over download requests must be taken into account to prevent Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) assaults from being performed to prevent users from using the service. This study takes into account dual access control in the context of cloud-based storage in the sense that we create a control mechanism over both data access and download requests without sacrificing security and effectiveness. This article presents the design of two dual access control systems, one for each intended environment. There is also a presentation of the systems' experimental and security analyses.

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