Topic - Study of Sino-Tibetan Languages in Assam

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Daisy Saikia


Language studies have been reflected in India since ancient times. Attempts to analyse grammar or words are observed in ancient Vedic literature as well as various brahmin texts. The best example of grammar practice in India is paninis ‘Astadhyayi’ grammar written in the fifth century BC. They bear witness to the ancient and consistent history of language thinking in India. However, the history of language studies in Assam is not very old. In Assam, language thinking has crossed two centuries. (About 215 years.)

                Language studies in Assam have gained importance on various occasions. One of the important and timely aspects of language study in Assam is the study of Sino – Tibetan languages. Assam and the North Eastern states the coordinates of different ethnic groups. These ethnic communities are familiar each with their own language - culture. Therefore, Assam and the North Eastern States are considered as the backbone for language-culture scholars.

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