Analyzing Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Sensitivity among Monolingual and Multilingual University Students in India

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Dr.Mitashree Tripathy, Saptasindhu Panda


Background: Studies reveal that, university students are expected to be well versed in multiple languages, posses a greater degree of emotional intelligence and be highly sensible towards intercultural differences in today’s globalizing world.

Objectives: The primary objective of this paper is to assess whether multilingual students have higher emotional intelligence and intercultural sensitivity as compared to monolingual students.

Methods: The methodology adopted for the study included data collected from university students from various disciplines and diverse cultures through a questionnaire in an electronic survey providing questions relating to the participant’s proficiency in language, scale measuring emotional intelligence and intercultural sensitivity. The questionnaire was based on TEIQue- SF (Petrides, 2009) that included Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Short Form that comprised of 30 questions and Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (Chen and Starosta, 2000) that consisted of 24 items on a Likert scale of 7 points and 5 point scale respectively. Cronbach’s Alpha was performed to find the reliability between the variables and t test was run where the means of the two samples assuming unequal variances were compared to check the hypothesis.

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