The Consciousness of Indian Women and the Protection of Women Empowerment

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Faheem Ud Din Dar


Women and men are fundamentally distinct creatures, not only by their organic activity but in their desideratum, functions and abilities to perform any act. Women and men also have a difference in the way of creation and their social functioning assigned to them by the nature. Women normally are also much more challenged educationally in comparison with men, and education is for those women who are having the privilege of some special class or community. A woman has been recognised as very low and wrongly in comparison to men and thus construction is not natural given by any divine force, but it is a societal construction. Women in India had good status in the book of constitution and law, but on the ground, the discrimination is very peak and women are considered weak and helpless in the Indian mindset. This discrimination increased after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when the right-wing BJP comes into power in the Indian politics and justice becomes only a word for the women victims and only the privileged class took the benefit of the law as per their modification. The rape victims are being blamed instead of given justice. In this paper, I will investigate how to increase the value of women empowerment in Indian society and what are the possible challenges from which we have to overcome and need to be addressed in our daily life so we got a society of justice and empowerment, where we will be having the same privilege for everyone with equal dignity and honour.

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