Implementation of Frequency-Hop for 2.4 GHz Wireless Communication System

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Niti Singhal, Dr. Ruchi Sharma


FHSS is a component of spread spectrum technology. FHSS uses Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) waveband for communication which is license free [4]. FHSS Transceiver model provide secure communication over the trail of communication. Its robustness against third party interception is thanks to use of PN sequence generator. supported the introduction of frequency-hopping communication system and its mathematic model, a simulation model was built using MATLAB. This paper researches the issues of a recurrence bouncing spread range (FHSS) and manages usage by and by. The FHSS procedure is valuable for stifling obstruction, making capture attempt troublesome, obliging blurring and multipath channels, and giving a numerous entrance ability. The beneficiary demodulates the got signal by the transporter frequencies that change simultaneously depending on a similar recurrence bouncing arrangement and makes an identification of it.

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