Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Cosmetic Products

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Shivani Malik, Dr. Simran Kaur


Social media gain extraordinary achievement regarding the sharing of information and use level of cosmetic products. Social media showcase overall changes on how person to person connect and communicate with each other, how they share their views, and also how they link with different brands, items, and alliances. Therefore, social media now became virtual media not only for people but also for business and government with a motive to share their views, products and services for that they interact socially, educationally and commercially (Alalwan. 2018) The rapid adaptation of social networking brings many new procedures for marketing a product. Today internet and social media become the backbone of almost every business growth and this ultimately changes the way of doing business. Every organization needs to adopt social networking in their business to popularise its product in the market. The objective of the research is to assess the social media marketing impact on consumer buying behaviour for using cosmetic products. A descriptive research design is taken for the study. The survey in the study proposed to be conducted among 80 respondents in Faridabad city and simple random sampling was drawn. A structured questionnaire is used as data collection instrument.. The result of the study suggested that social media marketing has a positive impact on consumer buying behaviour for using cosmetic products.

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