A systematic literature review on Security in Blockchain technology-based applications

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S. Senthil kumar, S. Rajaprakash


The evolution of modern internet technologies necessitates data security. The essential development of modern internet technology is digital information. Blockchain technology is the backbone of a new sort of internet that allows digital information to be distributed yet not replicated. The backbone of a new type of internet was established by block chain technology, which allows all transactions to be stored in immutable records and spread over multiple participant nodes. The use cases for block chain technology are rapidly expanding, with the primary goal of enabling Authentication, data integrity, and secure data sharing. This study's goal is to give a comprehensive overview of the literature on the use of Block chain as a base technology for protecting both financial and non-financial applications. The goal is to aims to see if Blockchain technology can deliver the needed security solutions in a variety of applications. Previous research is evaluated for its benefits, problems, and solutions. Integrity, Availability, Authenticity, Accountability, and Reliability are terms that apply to information were among the topics covered in the poll. The study concludes that Blockchain technology has potential for both financial and non-financial industries because it can address the majority of security concerns. Future research should focus on putting the proposed solutions outlined in the security issues of Blockchain technology into practice.

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