Strategic Management Practices in the Public Sector a Proposed Model to be Adopted for the Progress of the Rural Development Sector of Afghanistan

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Ahmad Jamshid Safi, Syed Mohd. Jamal Mahmood


This paper aims to critically analyze the strategic management practices within the rural development sector of Afghanistan, to further declare the struggling areas considering the strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategic evaluation within this sector. The ultimate purpose of this research is to propose a proper model for strategic management practices in the public sector more precisely the rural development sector taking into account the context of Afghanistan. This will contribute to new knowledge in the domain of public strategic management, also the findings of this research will help strategists, policymakers, and practitioners to improve their skills and attitude toward certifying proper and effective strategic management practices within the public sector, to eventually help the rural development sector of Afghanistan to successfully manage their endeavors to obtain organizational strategic and operational objectives in future.

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