The Role of Oil Bargains in the Rentierism of the Iraqi Economy under the Iraqi-Chinese Agreement

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Kadhim Jaber Abed, Assist. Prf. Asmma Jasim Mohammed


Since the discovery of oil wealth in Iraq in 1927, when it was exported commercially by the oil monopoly companies from the Kirkuk fields. These oil monopolistic companies have worked from the Kirkuk fields. These companies have worked hard through their monopoly on the oil industry to control the exploration, exploration, development, production and marketing operations to be the The major beneficiary of oil, which has become the source of energy that drives the world’s advanced and developing economies and the backbone of modern life, and has become the strategic commodity on which international policy bargains are built, and depends on the extent to which the rulers in the oil-producing countries continue to rule their thrones and what will be removed if they stand in the way of the aspirations of monopolistic foreign companies and from Behind them are their governments, which manage the negotiating table and the oil bargaining with the countries on which the oil wealth is based, a curse in front of their division from dependence. From disposing of its wealth in exchange for giving it space to develop its own As for the countries that refused to dispose of their wealth and refused to bargain over their oil wealth, they faced various types of military interventions, military operations, the destruction of infrastructure, the imposition of economic blockades and political isolation on them, and even the change of regimes, as happened in Iraq, Libya and other countries, but Even after the regime change in Iraq and the application of the democratic system in Iraq, we note that this was just an empty slogan that has no place in construction, reconstruction and infrastructure reform. Even when Iraq had an opportunity to join the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and conclude memorandums of understanding and a comprehensive framework agreement for the reconstruction of infrastructure in exchange for an oil fund in which an amount of (100-300) thousand barrels per day is deposited and with soft financing, the US government prevented Iraq from realizing its money with salvation and treating its rent to us to be Our research is to compare the nature of investment for the oil monopoly companies, the nature and method of bargaining with the Iraqi government, and the nature of the economy Chinese investment through the Belt and Road Initiative for the development and reconstruction of infrastructure.

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