Mathematical Modelling of Coronavirus Variant on Humans of COVID-19 in India.

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Rajan Kr Sharma, Pradeep Kr Singh, Anil Kr Trivedi


This is an attempt to translate the problems of Covid 19 patients into Mathematical problems The whole world is battling with coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has taken away millions of lives. Not only the people of India but the whole world was stricken by the coronavirus and saw the devastation. Don't know how many people got away from each other, loved ones distanced their loved ones. Many peoples left their homes, lost their jobs, and faced starvation. Just given the terrible scene all around pathetic conditions. But people fought the situation, their hopes did not leave them 'Even after many corona vaccines have been made, the coronavirus has not stopped wreaking its havoc. This virus is making people of all ages their victims. The world has never seen such a dangerous virus which has put almost a complete stop to the whole world. In such a situation, everyone needs to know what is a virus? Bacteria are also very dangerous for humans and spread infection, but viruses are microscopic parasites that cannot be seen with the naked eye made by DNA/RNA and proteins which are always harmful to the human body as well as to animals and plants also. The basic reason for its spread in humans as well as in animals is the incorporation of isolation by human-to-human contact is the strong transmission that causes outbreaks of COVID-19. The present study is oriented to evaluate the current information on covid patients by a coronavirus in India and analyzed how to minimize the rate of coronavirus infections in covid -19 patients through a Mathematical model for mankind. 

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