AES Based End-to-End Encryption Scheme for Secure Communication on Internet of Things (IoT)

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Umashankar Biswal, Raurab Paul, Saumendra Pattnaik, Binod Kumar Pattanayak


Temperature and humidity are two factors that are crucial for monitoring tasks, whether they are being done indoors or outside. In this study, we design, construct, and demonstrate the functionality of a portable indoor sensor system that is linked to a smartphone-based user interface for humidity and temperature monitoring. An ESP8266 microprocessor, DHT11 temperature sensor, rechargeable battery, and a charger circuit are among the parts of this sensor system that are crammed into a single little box. Data are then shown on the user website after the sensor system and application have been evaluated to determine their performance. According to the test, the system can communicate with the smartphone via the host. It is also more secure because AES encryption and MD5 hashing are used, and only the user may see the data. There has been a lot of research done to find effective security solutions for IoT. In this research, an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-based solution to protect IoT systems is provided.

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