Magnetic Field Effect on Oscillatory Couette Flow Regime

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Pradeep Kr Singh, Rajan Kr Sharma, Anil Kr Trivedi


It has been observed that there is a lot of natural and industrial flows which are dependent with different boundaries condition with time. In this presented paper, of a quantitative analysis of oscillatory MHD Couette flow has been performed by using perturbation technique. In ideal flow, the magnetic field is fixed function of radius with two parameters only: a ratio of inner to outer cylinder radii and a ratio of the magnetic field values on outer and inner cylinders in an incompressible fluid. The effect of magnetic field on the flow of an electrically conducting viscous fluid has received considerable attention due to its wide range of engineering, geophysical, astrophysical applications and in oscillatory free convective flow problem in the presence of a magnetic field through a porous medium have attracted the attention of a number of researchers. The unsteady laminar boundary layer flow of an electrically conducting viscous fluid near an impulsively started flat plate of infinite extent is considered, with a view to examine the influence of transverse magnetic field fixed to the fluid. It has been found that the amplitude of the unsteady velocity gradient is smaller at upper plate in comparison to lower plate for small harmonic oscillations. Variation of the amplitude and phase lag of the shear stress at lower wall with respect to magnetic parameter for fixed value of frequency parameter. The unsteady velocity gradient increases with respect to applied magnetic field.

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