A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Back Strengthening Exercise on Low Back Pain Among Women Of 35-60 Years in Selected Areas of Rayamangalam Panchayath, Ernakulum District, Kerala State, India.

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P.O. Jancy, Dr. S. Parimala


Low back pain is a very common problem and has anubiquitous distribution[1]. Back strengthening exercise is one of the most important treatment.


  • Assess the level of pain and disability among women with back pain between 35-60 years.

  • Determine the effect of back strengthening exercise on low back pain and related disabilities among women between the ages of 35-60 years.

Method: Quantitative research approach was used and the design used for the study was Pre-test post- test one group design. The data was collected by using numerical pain rating scale.

Result:30% were between the age group of 51 – 55 years and 66.6% experience back pain during activities. 34% of samples had mild pain and 33.3% had minimum disability where they had moderate pain and disability during pre– test. 10% of samples had severe pain and disability reduced to moderate pain and disability (t=3.66<0.001) There is a significant difference in the pretest and posttest level of pain and disability.

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