Impact of Internet Marketing and Tools On Marketing Performance in SMEs, India

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Mrs. Mohana Turaga, Dr. Vinayak Khare, Dr. Venkateswara , Rao Podile, Mr. Nagendra Kumar Turaga


As the economic sector transitions to digitalization, Indians now have access to the best goods and services from the best companies, even in the most remote regions of their nation. E-marketing is booming in India, a nation that is both highly populated and home to millions of people who utilise social media and mobile devices. Internet-based marketing is essential for everyone who wants to grow their company and advertise their goods and services globally because it has no territorial restrictions. To scatter the needs paper aims at analysing the connections between e-Marketing tools and marketing performance among SMEs in India, in addition to the dearth of studies examining the adoption of e-Marketing by small enterprises.A structured questionnaire with both open-ended and closed-ended questions in Vijayawada & Guntur Areas ofthe Andhra Pradesh State was chosen from a list of 1,200 SMEs that employ fewer than 50 people using a simple random sampling method. Findings revealed that the internet tools were showing positive effect on the market performance in the companies. The rest of the paper consists of implications, and scope for the future research.

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