Influence of Travellers’ Lifestyle Choices on the Development of Eco-Tourism Sites at Popular Tourist Destinations in Asia

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Karan Mehta, Dr. Chetan Panse


 The study aims to provide insights into the impact of visitors’ lifestyle choices on the development of eco-tourism destinations by testing the acceptance of various lifestyle-based rules and regulations implemented by hotels while developing eco-friendly accommodation for travellers.The proposed research is the combined approach of both qualitative and quantitative research methodology. People from all the groups were included and allowed to be a part of this research. Further in this research, we are considering travellers’ views towards designed guidelines that alter their lifestyle choices while visiting a particular tourism destination.The study found that visitors’ lifestyle choices while visiting the destination significantly impact the development of an eco-tourism destination. In this research, we tested 6 different guidelines for eco-tourism destinations by collecting data from 112 participants. And Out of all the designed guidelines, three guidelines gained more acceptance among visitors with higher median scores compared to others. Further, to evaluate the influence of intervention, a non-parametric post-hoc Wilcoxon signed-rank test was applied to test if there were any impact of guidelines that sync with visitors’ lifestyle choices on the remaining designed guidelines.To the best of the authors' knowledge, this study is the first to test the impact of travellers’ lifestyle choices on the development of eco-tourism destinations. In this research,the authors have analyzed guidelines by considering existing ecotourism destinations. The conducted research intends to provide priority among designed guidelines for eco-tourism destinations that can assist hotel owners in the hospitality industry.

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