¬Enforcing Data Security in A Cloud based Big Data Environment- A Critical Study

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Dr. Lakshmi Priya Vinjamuri, Ms. Aghanaashaa. A


Data security in cloud computing is an emerging and intensive area that is highly vulnerable to various glitches and violations. The big data environment which is predominantly cloud based has confidential and data that mandates secrecy of high order owing to the sensitive nature of the information that needs data security measures that are not only robust but are also effective, efficient and economical. 

Data security and privacy is an emerging area of information security and technology that requires a stringent protocol of security administration and a parallel legal framework that addresses the challenges of data violation and privacy infringement. 

The paper is an attempt to study the enforcement of data privacy and security protocols in a cloud computing environment. The paper is an insight into the data security technologies, the various kinds of cryptography and addresses the need for a comprehensive security framework with respect to privacy and security while dealing with big data in a cloud environment.

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