An IoT Application Framework Using Deep Learning for Face Mask Detection

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Pravat Kumar Routray, Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Mihir Narayan Mohanty


A facemask covering nose and mouth is one of the most effective waysto protect against infectionandto spread thecoronavirus. This safeguard rule is applied by almost allgovernments. For automation, we have developed anapproach based on deep learning to detect the mask. The approach has been extended to anInternet of Things (IoT) based framework that can be an element of a smart city to keep people safe. Since health safety is a major challenge, thispaper proposes an automatic detection process. A convolutional neural network with transfer learning is used for the detection. This model is included in an IoT architecture for automation. The results of testing the approach are excellent in terms of accuracy. In addition, the module for IoT works well, as verified in the study,and alsoappearsĀ  to be useful for the Internet of Medical Things.

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