A Comprehensive framework on Supplier Selection based on Sustainability Scores -A study of RMC Supply Chain in HMA

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Aditya Mudigonda, M. Gopal Naik, Dileep Vadlamudi


Choosing suppliers only on price and quality will never yield the best outcomes, so look for an ethical and transparent supplier. Being a mindful consumer makes sense as sustainability becomes one of the most pressing challenges of our time. In industries such as construction, where each stage from raw material mining to end product finishing has a significant impact on the environment and the socio-economic position of the industry's dependents, it makes more sense for construction supply chains to be sustainable. Choosing a source for a product has always been a difficult undertaking. Participants in the construction sector are seeking for suppliers who are willing to work with them in the long run and supply high-quality products, not just the cheapest. In this article, Ready Mix Concrete suppliers in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area will be evaluated using three sustainability indicators: environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance. A machine learning optimization based on Python will be utilised to identify an optimum supplier based on the sustainability score and transportation distance.

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