 Critical Review of the Industrial Product Service System model for the Screw Air Compressor

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Vishakha Kuwar, Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma


In the modern industrial context, where industries are being pushed into reconsidering their ways of production because of tough competition, environmental policies, risks, and pressure from consumers. An Industrial Product-Service System (IPS²) is characterized through a excessive integration of product and service shares. This implies that the presenting organization develops an IPS² consisting of product share, e.g. a particularly complex spare parts, and provider share to extend client value, improve the relationship between customer and company and eventually generate profit. IPS² entails an excessive degree of organizational effort.

IPS² Control Architecture is proposed to set the countless degrees of IPS² at some point of the operation segment into an ordinary context. Lifecycle level, Operation level, Process degree and Effect stage together have an impact on every different with the aid of controlling transport procedures or a total IPS². Each stage is used to assurance the shrunk client price on a distinct level and with an extraordinary scope.

The study identified that the IPS2 architecture is not used properly by the industries through it has a new way of presenting patron cost and therefore symbolize globally competitive manufacturing systems. The gaps in the study are customers foresee improved efficiency and a decrease in unnecessary work, operational interfaces were missed and the services focused on specific industry where the technological up gradations were discussed like Industry 4.0, Digital twin, Internet of Things, big data analytics etc.

The Screw air compressor is one of the important segments of the Industrial Product still there is no contribution for the IPS2 model. The future scope for the study is that IPS2 for the screw air compressor for building the B2B environment.

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