Teacher’s knowledge about some of dyspraxia elements in the Republic of Kosovo

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Blerta Krasniqi


It's the little things in life that people take for granted, when most people get ready to leave for the day, everything will be done automatically. When you are a person with dyspraxia you have to think and focus on every little detail and every movement our bodies make. Lack of coordination mean that only sometimes we walk without problems, or our movements can be quite clumsy. Things we may find difficult are: opening jars and using can openers, washing hair, pouring drinks or cooking food without spilling and walking in a straight line (Edmondson, 2015).

A learning disorder is recognized by health professionals as a neurobiological disorder of cognition and/or language processing caused by atypical brain functioning. They manifest with severe difficulties in listening, speaking, reading and writing, reasoning or mathematical skills. (Crenitte, Oct 16, 2012).

According to Lopes and Crenitte (2012) school is children's main access to written language and therefore it becomes essential that teachers and coordinators recognize learning disorders and adopt their teaching methods so that they can collaborate with all children and not only those who do not present any learning disorder.

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