Paper Interest of the FEM CULS Prague students about studying abroad before the Covid 19 epidemic

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Pavla Varvažovská, Marie Prášilová


The contribution is devoted to the development of international student mobility in the framework of the Erasmus+ and Non-European Mobility programmes, while the focus is also on the interest and experience of students from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Czech University of Live Sciences Prague. At work, the development of the number of students arriving and leaving in 2008-2019 and the interest in destination countries and universities are assessed using statistical methods. Based on time series models, the expected development of indicators in the coming years was predicted. The work is also based on the results of a questionnaire survey carried out on the population of students of the Faculty of Economics and Management and focused on the perception and evaluation of the programme. The survey showed that students take foreign mobility as a unique asset that will make it easier for them to find adequate employment in the future in terms of their education. For international mobility, improvements in language skills, knowledge of new cultures and the creation of foreign social connections are highly regarded.

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