Disagreement Among Nurturing Relationships in the Novels of Kamala Markandaya

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C.Athiyaman, Dr.V.Radhakrishnan


            Indian writing in English has confirmed it’s weary to reflect the past culture, political extent, fiscal states and convention of Indian subcontinent in the steer era. In fact the historical backdrop of Indian authors in English has a lot to talk. And it states about such a widespread sort which can obviously not be free from any contentions. But it easily contentious region and the most critical factor that surfaces to a hint of a greater challenge is the job of Indian authors and their books is daringly resounding the attempt and testing times of India. A nearby cautious analysis of Kamala Markandaya’s writings uncovers the topic of social conflicts in different proportions. She has such a large number of writings astonishingly. Her real writing manages the social clashes. She depicts graphically the strains and struggles between the general peoples of two various races in various affiliations and circumstances. Her commitment as a writer lies basically in her ability to investigate these indispensable developmental regions of individual awareness that venture the pictures of social change. The study further focuses on how the women characters face turbulence in both marriage and conjugal life.

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