Quality Of Work Life Among Women

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Ms. Monika,R. Shanmugam,P. S. Rajeswari


AIM: The research paper is exploratory in natureand revisiting the fundamentals of quality of work- life balance from various literature reviews, definitions and models of QWL. Also the study attempts to assess the importance of work life balance for women and

METHODOLOGY:The study is descriptive and qualitative in nature in clarifying the definitions and conceptual foundations of QWL. Secondary data on QWL and trends are gathered, analysed and summarized to identify the thematic areas of QWL in current day context. To assess the QWL, the study reviews the various empirical studies pertaining to India, drills down the QWL especially for women from various reports, Bulletins, Official websites and related journals.

OUTCOME: The Research study is highlyinformative will give an insight into the different working conditions, construct an ideal workplace and how best can the workplace make a difference in QWL (Quality of work life), suggest various interventions and solutions to manage this balance between work and personal life, best practices being followed by various organisations, and focused more primarily towards women employees, QWL is an ever-growing HR practice and there could be challenges and issues in proposing vital changes which we are attempting to capture here.


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