Application of UAV in pest detection using IoT

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Muskan Laul, Aditya Singh Barget, Tsering Chosphel, Abha Gupta


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can perform site-specific farm management operations with higher precision.Remote sensing of crop and pest conditions could be made more efficient with the use of UAVs by acquiring data, managing inputs, and detecting pests on time using the Internet of Things (IoT). This can be accomplished through large data, advanced wireless communication technologies, smart computer vision, cloud computing, and high-end security techniques. In agricultural modernization, IoT and UAV can track crop diseases and pests from micro and macro perspectives, respectively. Sitting in one place they can detect, monitor, and treat the problem.Thus, the present work is focused on the application of IoT based drones in agriculture industry. Particularly, a IoT based drone system is first designed and analyzed using CAD and CAE, then assembled and tested for its performance of more than 30 minutes’ endurance. The present IoT-drone system is such that it can be repaired component wisein case of failure due to that component. Further, it provides low-cost solution regarding pest detection and their treatment which could ease the lives of ourIndian farmers. 

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