A look at the progress of environmental management in Latin America

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Soto-Palomino Wilfredo, Edward Flores


During the last years, the concern for the environment has been growing constantly in the countries of the industrialized world, however, little, or almost nothing is known about the advances in Latin America, which is why the need arises to know some actions that are they perform. The objective of the present work is if there are actions that are being developed in Latin America to reduce the environmental impact, the methodology used was to identify representative works throughout Latin America between the years 2018 and 2022 from various databases to obtain a perspective on the subject., The results were to identify 17 representative works about study. The conclusions indicate that there is a high level of concern about the issue, but that in many cases people are unaware of the treatment of waste or the activities to be carried out, while companies comply with state guidelines and policies on environmental impact, but when requesting on the progress made do not have the corresponding documentation.

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