Challenges and Solution for Identification of Plant Disease Using IoT and Machine Learning

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Rina Mahakud, Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Bibudhendu Pati


Internet of Things(IoT) is a revolutionarytechnology implemented in Agriculture to enhance the quality and quantity of production. Most of the population all over the world depends on agriculture. Due to the growth of the world population, the production of the food grain has also increased. The factor such as climatic changes, decreasing cultivation area, natural calamities, emerging of new diseases, and a pandemic put significant challenges to the agriculture scientists to increasein agricultural productivity to meet future requirements. Smart agriculture is the only solution to overcome all these challenges for the next generation. By implementing smart agriculture technology on traditional agriculture, one can control, monitor, and maintain productivity. This is possible only due to the advancement of technology and early prediction about climatic changes, rainfall, natural calamities, etc., and also due to development of various sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, moisture, and devices get early information about plant diseases. In this article, authors reviewed the different disease identification methodsbased on IoT implementation. This review article elaborately emphasizes the role of image processing and the IoT application in the disease identification of plants.

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